Dollar Rental Agreement

If you`re looking to rent a car for your next trip, it`s likely that you`ll come across Dollar Rent A Car. Dollar is a popular rental car company with locations all over the world, offering affordable rates and a variety of vehicles to choose from.

Before you rent a car from Dollar, it`s important to understand their rental agreement. This is a contract between you and the company that outlines the terms and conditions of your rental. Here`s what you need to know about the Dollar rental agreement.

Rental Period: The rental period refers to the length of time you`ll be renting the car. Dollar offers daily, weekly, and monthly rentals, and you can choose the rental period that works best for your needs.

Driver Requirements: To rent a car from Dollar, you must be at least 20 years old (in some states, 18) and have a valid driver`s license. If you`re under 25, you may be subject to additional fees.

Insurance: Dollar offers several insurance options to protect you and the rental car in case of an accident or theft. You can purchase insurance at the time of rental or use your own insurance if it covers rental cars.

Additional Drivers: If you plan on sharing the driving responsibilities, you can add additional drivers to your rental agreement. Additional drivers must meet the same requirements as the primary driver and may be subject to extra fees.

Fuel: When you pick up your rental car, it will have a full tank of gas. You have the option to return the car with a full tank or purchase a full tank of gas at the time of rental. If you don`t return the car with a full tank, you`ll be charged a fee.

Mileage: Most Dollar rentals come with unlimited mileage, meaning you can drive as much as you want without additional fees. However, some rentals may have mileage restrictions, so be sure to check before you book.

Fees: In addition to the rental fee, you may be subject to additional fees such as airport surcharges, drop-off fees, and underage driver fees. Be sure to read the rental agreement carefully to understand all the fees associated with your rental.

By understanding the Dollar rental agreement, you can avoid surprises and have a hassle-free rental experience. Remember to read the contract carefully and ask any questions before you sign. Happy travels!